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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nuclear war with Iran and North Korea

Over the past several months we have been hearing that Iran is working at break-neck speed to develop nuclear warheads and delivery systems.  The President has been less than enthusiastic in his support for Israel and their need to protect themselves given the powder keg that exist in that region.  During the past two or three weeks we have been told that North Korea's regime has declared war on the United States, moved nuclear-armed missiles to their Eastern border and are now warning foreign diplomats to vacate South Korea because apparently a strike seems imminent.


Regarding Iran, the Administration seems adamant in holding the course of sanctions against Iran hoping it will weaken their resolve.  It seems unlikely that will be sufficient since the Iranian regime continues to receive support and aid from other countries around the world, including Russia.  Regarding North Korea, the Administration has ramped up some missile defense around Guam and Japan.  There has been some show of force in the area through the presence of a few airships and Navy presence.  One wonders if it is enough to change the North Korean Leader's mind about an attack.


With this backdrop of activity in some of the most explosive parts of the world we would expect the Commander-in-Chief to be meeting several times daily with chief advisors including the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense with planning sessions in the White House Situation room.  Perhaps some of those things are happening; but for public consumption we are seeing something different.


We continue to see the President engaging in political activities to strengthen his position to ban guns in America.  He continues to push his agenda to take the guns away from citizens and weaken the strength of the Second Amendment rights of Americans to own guns.  If for no other reason than the timing of this situation alone, wouldn't it be more prudent for the President to "buckle down" and focus on the issues that loom as dangerous threats against America and her allies in the regions around Iran and North Korea?  Isn't that much more a priority to disarm the nuclear weapons of countries that have avowed to wipe Israel and the United States off the world map, than to focus on an issue of disarming the private citizens of America?  A person with political neutrality could presumably observe this situation and wonder what the Administration's motives are to focus on disarming the citizens of America of guns while at the same time virtually ignoring the movements of war preparation in countries whose major desire is to destroy America.

Jim Killebrew         

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