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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Self radicalized

It seems this term "self radicalized" is being tossed around a lot intimating that people who are already in America are somehow independently, without the help of anyone outside their sphere of influence is helping them to become "radicalized" to engage in terrorist activities.  This was the almost immediate conclusion the Administration drew regarding the two men who were charged with the Boston Marathon bombing; they were "self radicalized."
That seems almost like an "oxymoron" where a person can become influenced to the extent of being "radical" about some cause without there even being a cause to be a part of.  In the case of the Boston bombing where bombs were made, detonation devices were constructed, certain materials were used in combination that closely resembled the same combination used in other bombings in other parts of the world, containers to carry the explosive material were common to other bombings in the Middle East, and now three other people have been arrested in connection with the two who carried out the bombing.  Not being an expert in these matters, it still seems that just on the surface of the evidence so far one would have to at least consider the two bombers may not have been working alone.
Therefore, if all of those similarities exist, the components, type of explosives, canisters (pressure cookers), types of shrapnel, the older brother traveling to Russia for six months, reading and studying the material published by radicals in Islam, then how can the Administration conclude within just hours of the bombing and arrest of the one brother that they were "self radicalized"?  Could it be that has to be the conclusion in order to fit the narrative the Administration has projected that they have destroyed the capability of terrorist actions world-wide?  If so, it seems like a very dangerous position to turn a blind eye to extended investigations, restricting theories of cause to just a narrow narrative and shutting down interrogation efforts prematurely to curtail the collection of further threats.  Those actions, it seems, could put the citizens of America in further danger.
Jim Killebrew     

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