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Wednesday, June 19, 2013



Just when you think you have heard it all something comes along to make you stop and say, "huh?"  It seems a couple of New York's politicians have gotten together and introduced a bill that will preclude the police from describing any perpetrator in terms that would even remotely "profile" the person.  When a crime has been committed and the police have a description of the perpetrator, the law would only allow them to broadcast a description of the perpetrator's clothing.  No longer would they be able to describe the person in terms of ethnicity or any description that would disclose any physical characteristics such as tattoos, limps, disabilities, missing limbs or any such physical characteristics that might be offensive to any person having any of those characteristics.  If the police violate that edict they would be subject to discipline.  Even the Mayor of New York City commented this practice would hinder the process of catching the perpetrator.


My suggestion is that henceforth when we become aware of anything even remotely as stupid as this, we arrest the people who thought of such politically correct requirements and charge them with aiding and abetting the suspected criminals they are seemingly trying to protect by forcing these kinds of practices on law enforcement.


Jim Killebrew

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