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Monday, October 14, 2013

Republicans are to blame?


What is the magic the liberal media possesses that allows them to consistently remain so stealth with making people believe their facet of information-reporting is truth, when clearly upon close examination, or even superficially examined, it is not.  The majority of people believed their health insurance would be cheaper, it is not.  They were told they would be able to keep their insurance if they liked it, that is not true.  They were told they would be able to keep the doctor they liked, not true.  They are even finding out if they choose to remain uninsured they will have to pay a fine.  They are told the more the government spends it will lead to prosperity.  We hear from the liberal media we can "stimulate" the economy with government money collected as tax from the people rather than letting people keep their earned money and stimulate the economy by spending it themselves. 


Even with all this, it appears the liberal line continues to be the winner in the current debt ceiling debate.  Somehow the liberal media has found a formula for saying one thing while meaning another, and persuading a majority of people to accept it as truth.


So if I understand it correctly, in order to reopen the government the Republicans must agree to increase the debt ceiling so that higher amounts of money will be spent on more stuff. They need to agree to raise taxes and let the progressives spend as quickly as they can as much as they can. Republicans need to step aside, capitulate to the progressives everything they are demanding and leave Obamacare completely alone to be implemented the way the president and the Democrats want.


Never mind most Americans are not in favor of Obamacare; never mind many Americans will be cut back to less than 30 hours a week propelling them into more than one part time job just to support themselves. Never mind most Americans will begin paying twice or three times the amount of money for the same or less insurance. Just to keep peace in America and keep the progressives happy the Republicans are expected to give in to the progressives.


Finally, the Republicans must be willing to put together a series of empty sacks to pass out to each grandchild of each American grandparent in the country because those children ultimately in the next generation will be left holding the bag.

Jim Killebrew

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