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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Celebration or relief

If a strong man attacks a village with murder and pillage, and the villagers plead with him to stop, but he keeps right on plundering and murdering at will, is it a human response to seek revenge?  If the strong man continues his attacks for years without remorse, but rather celebrates at the greater number of killings, is it a Christian response for the villagers to "turn the other cheek?" 
If finally the village manages to stop the strong man and he dies in the process, would the villagers, through their human side, seek release through celebration, or through their relationship with God in them as Christians simply feel relief?  I think we see that full range of response; but even though each and every one of us who live on this earth are totally human, not many are experiencing the strength of God's Holy Spirit by being Christian. 
I wonder if the celebration is from the result of the chase, while the relief is knowing the strong man is now absent and God's judgment can finally prevail.

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