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Monday, February 18, 2013

Picture of Jesus

A picture of Jesus has been hanging in a school in Ohio since 1947 and the ACLU is now suing the school district to have the picture removed.  The ACLU declared the picture to be a "religious display" and "is an unconstitutional endorsement of religion and must be removed."
Now it is interesting that nobody alive in the world today really knows for sure what Jesus looks like.  There were no cameras a couple of thousand years ago when He walked the dusty streets of Judea.  So any likenesses we have today are only pictures that have been painted by artists drawing from their imagination.  Many of those paintings were produced back in the Middle Ages and were based on what the artist thought Jesus might have looked like.  Many artists used real people as models to form the mental picture and painted facial features based on the person they viewed and shaping the features as they interpreted portions of Scripture they might have read or told about in sermons.    
With that being the case I wonder how the ACLU can be so certain the picture they are trying to have removed from the school in Ohio is actually depicting the face of Jesus?  Does the ACLU have special knowledge the rest of us don't have?  Have they had a special revelation and appearance from Jesus in person much like the Apostle Paul had when he traveled the road to Damascus?  For sure the ACLU "breaths out murderous threats against the Lord's disciples."  Perhaps they are so sure this is a picture of The Man because they actually met Him on their way to some persecution rally.
If, on the other hand, they have not actually seen the face of Jesus either, then how can they be sure it is a "religious display" and "an unconstitutional endorsement of religion"?  They have not offered any legitimate facts or evidence the picture really is a picture of Jesus.  Doesn't the burden of proof rest on them since the accusation is being made by them? 
Of course it is interesting that if they could find out for sure the picture is an actual picture of Jesus, then by the mere fact of their having proven it is real, do they really want to make war against the Son of God?  I really don't think I want to be in their shoes.
Jim Killebrew

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