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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pressing on


The world is pressing on; newsworthy events are happening all over the world. We saw on television today that a ten-ton meteor burned up during its entering the Earth's atmosphere over a town in Russia. It created a sonic boom that broke windows, shattered walls and caved in some buildings.


We read of many places in America and around the world that people were murdered. Hundreds of abortions were performed in America and other countries in the world today. People were ruining their bodies with alcohol and other drugs, others were engaged in criminal activities like robbery, rape, assault, and so many other unconscionable atrocities too numerous to mention. Yet as we press on we see some areas where truth and life pushes through those events and brings us hope.


There were workers all over the world who accomplished a difficult task on which they were working. Friends who had fought and parted company who became reunited. Thousands whose worst fear of losing a loved one was informed by medical workers their loved one had broken through the worst part and was going to recover. Families in the process of breaking up but at the last moment found the strength to find reconciliation. Accidents in all manner of transportation where people survived and were spared serious injury. Hungry children who found food; parents who finally found a job, and random acts of kindnesses presenting themselves throughout the world.


As the world presses on we each travel throughout our day. Each of us plays a large part in making things happen around us. Let ours be a day where we build up and not tear down; where we speak an encouraging word and not a hateful sneer; and where we add to the fullness of life rather than strengthening the rubbish heap of despair. We each have a brand new choice each day, let us purpose to make life better for all those around us as we travel through our day.


Jim Killebrew

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