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Jim Killebrew has 40 years of clinical psychological work for people with intellectual disabilities, and experience teaching, administration, consulting, writing with multiple publications. Dr. Killebrew has attended four Universities and received advanced degrees. Southern Illinois University; Ph.D., Educational Psychology; University of Illinois at Springfield, Counseling Education; M.A., Human Development Counseling; Northeastern Oklahoma State University, B.A., Psychology and Sociology. Dr. Killebrew attended Lincoln Christian Seminary (Now Lincoln Christian University). Writing contributions have been accepted and published in several journals: Hospital & Community Psychiatry, The Lookout, and Christian Standard (multiple articles). He may be reached at Killebrewjb@aol.com.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

If you died tonight

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Paul G said...

Amen Jim.
Concerning the Blood of Jesus, you said, "but Jesus will have covered me with His blood that He shed on the cross to redeem me from my sin. Because of that blood God will not even see my sin."

Well my brother, I always say, that which is covered can be uncovered, and I think that God can see through any covering and nothing is hidden before Him.

But I think that God did better than that. He came from heaven to earth and suffered the legal and just penalty of our sins on Himself on the cross.
Justice has been carried out legally on a substitute which is on God Himself. He suffered for our transgressions and by His stripes we are healed.